Academic Detailer Handbook: This is the primary resource for ADs.  This handbook will be updated periodically. 

All 4 subjects in one Powerpoint file: in case you need to present to a large group and have a projector handy (and also handy for your iPad or other tablet)

Detailer FAQs: This document will answer a lot of questions you receive



Aspirin Evidence Review

Aspirin Detail Aid: Use this document when detailing the use of aspirin


Blood Pressure Detail Aid: Use this document when detailing control of blood pressure

Blood Pressure Evidence Review

How to measure blood pressure correctly: A classic video from New England J Medicine. Be sure your staff views this.

The one video you need for accurate blood pressure readings   This 45 second video is also a must-see for your staff.

Infographic on BP measurement for your office staff : great for the walls in your office

AMA Checklist for office and patients for BP control

How incorrect BP measurement technique affects your reading


Cholesterol Detail Aid: Use this document when detailing cholesterol management

Cholesterol Evidence Review


Smoking Detail Aid

Smoking Cessation Evidence Review


Dedicated videos for Academic Detailers

News video about H20 for recruiting practices

H2O (All 4 subjects) Program Detail Aid

Analyzing Practice Dashboard