Why accurate blood pressue measurement is critical to this project--and to your patients

Office blood pressure readings, and those taken by your patients at home, won't be accurate without observing 7 important steps.

  1. Patients shouldn't talk or chew gum during the measurement.
  2. Both feet should be on the floor.
  3. The back should be supported. Sitting on a flat exam table isn't good.
  4. The patient's bladder should be empty.
  5. Legs should not be crossed.
  6. The cuff should be placed on a bare arm and not over a shirt, sweater or other garment.
  7. The measurement arm should be supported and at heart level.

Missing any of these steps will likely give a spurious reading, often a higher BP than the patient actually has. Your patient may wind up overmedicated and your hard work may go unrecognized.

We have two helpful videos for your office staff on this page.